Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS Theory! [Spoilers. Duh] : yugioh

The writers of Yu-Gi-Oh aren’t exactly keen on keeping a timeline. Alot of us are still trying to work on exactly when Zexal and Arc-V take place.

But that cluster-fuck is for another time. I am here to reveal a shocking revelation.

In 5ds. Yugi is Dead

Hold your pitchforks, i have an explanation.

It’s been confirmed that Tetsu Trudge From Yu-Gi-Oh! Is the same trudge in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds! In yugioh DM, he was a hall monitor. So the whole “Duh he’s dead. 5DS is soo far in the future!” is false. Yugi would’ve been in his late twenties to early thirties by the time of 5ds.

Domino City and New Domino city are the same city. So what if. Zero reverse killed Yugi? It’s possible. Assuming he stayed in the city.

Also: Yugi is probably not the only person killed. Pegasus could’ve been killed as well.

in one Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds episode, you can see a “Pegasus J Crawford” memorial poster in the background. Which doesn’t make sense. He’s 24 in YuGioh! he should’ve been at least 35 in 5ds.

Unless the Zero Reverese (or something else) killed him…

But i’d also like to bring up another fact: Jaden Yuki is still very much alive. At least, he should be. Oh and. Joey’s cousin. He exists.

Jaden never lived in New Domino. The zero reverse would not have effected him. So there was the very large chance of him and Yusei meeting (sadly never happened).

Speaking of Yusei: The dickhead either forgot, or never bothered to mention to Yugi that a giant reactor was gonna wipe out a bit of his city in little over 10 years during BBT. I mean, he should’ve at least told him to GTFO quick! Damn Yusei!

But yeah. That’s what i wanted to share. I may have just killed your day if you where really attached to them.



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